Port St. Lucie - Misty Kartner

Port St. Lucie - Misty Kartner

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Employer - Lynden Nursing Services

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

When I’m looking to hire a nurse, or a companion, or a CNA for my company the first thing I look for is compassion.  They have to love what they’re doing.

The main things I look for is they have to have the real world skills.  They have to be able to know how to do wound care.  They have to know, on a minute’s notice, what that patient needs.

The reason I look at Fortis whenever I’m looking for nurses or staff for my agency is the fact that the classrooms are small, there’s better communication, there’s more hands-on in the clinicals, and the fact that the classes are actually taught by real nurses; that is invaluable to me because I know coming out of Fortis that the nurses, or the CNA’s or the medical assistants will know what they’re doing.

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