Sarah C.

Sarah C.

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Sarah C.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Cincinnati

I started at FORTIS College in the Practical Nursing program after hearing about their evening nursing classes from a co-worker. I knew that the only program that would work for a busy, full-time worker and mother of 3 would be evening classes. There was no waiting list for clinical, the classes were small and the instructors provided a ton of support and additional assistance to the student body.

The instructors shared their knowledge, skills and life experiences as Nurses to help shape me into the nurse that I am today. I committed myself to the program, graduated and sat for my NCLEX-PN Examination and passed on the first attempt!  My educational journey was only just beginning and I ended up returning to FORTIS to complete my Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree almost immediately. The sacrifice of 18 months more to be an R.N. seemed so small compared to the benefits that my family would reap in the future with me as an R.N.

I graduated with Honors from the Degree program and was awarded the Florence Nightingale Award at our Graduation ceremony for my passion and commitment to providing excellent patient care. Attending FORTIS allowed me to reach my educational goals in a fraction of the time it would have taken in a traditional University setting.

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