Melinda C.

Melinda C.

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Melinda C.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Cutler Bay

I feel as a nurse you definitely do have to have compassion for your patients and you have to think about their situation and be in their shoes and show them a lot of compassion; and their families. 

It was hard learning about cardiology during nursing school but now as a nurse working on a telemetry unit I find it so fascinating and I love the fast pace. 

I decided to come to Fortis College because their schedule and the times they were very flexible and I still had to work while coming to attend nursing school. 

My instructors they were actually very, very, very helpful. They understood that I had to work during the day. I mean they didn’t emphasize as much with homework but I understood that homework had to be done. 

And the simulation lab that we did here, that helped a tremendous amount when it came to actually, you know, now that I work as a registered nurse.

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