Endora M.

Endora M.

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Endora M.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Norfolk

My Fortis College experience has been awesome overall. The schedule was a daytime schedule which was what I was looking for being that my children were in school.

I am going to start a new part-time job soon at one of the local hospitals to get more experience and also just being able to help people and have more knowledge about medical needy situations.

My mother’s goal was to become a registered nurse and she kind of passed that on to me; she stopped at the LPN level. So everywhere we go she saying how my daughter is a registered nurse, she is so excited, so is my husband, my father and my children.

I have a 14 and 10 and a 4 year old. So when I would get home and be exhausted from clinicals a lot of times my oldest would help assist with dinner.

They were promised a vacation once I finished school and we got to go on a vacation just December.

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