Telia C.

Telia C.

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Telia C.

Medical Assisting

Fortis College in Mobile

I started to attend Fortis College just mostly because I needed a way out. I started in night classes because I was with child and I was working in the daytime. Upon having my baby I had to sit out for quite some time and the instructors were awesome about it. I got my work done; I was able to keep up with the things I needed to keep up with until I was able to get back in class.

I knew I had to move forward because I had things to do, I had things to take care of and my mom along with my instructors helped me out with that.

I want everything for my child. I want her to have the best education, I want her to have anything that I can offer her as far as moving forward, all the toys that she would like now of course and just to be able to be successful in the long run.

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