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CED Programs

Fortis College in Centerville

The facility that I work at I had several friends that had graduated from Fortis.  They all had very wonderful things to say about it.

They offered the on-line program as well in conjunction to coming here to campus and so that was very convenient for me that I was able to continue with full-time credits and be able to do my schooling at home and campus classes as well.

Working with my instructors was actually really great.  It was better than I expected it to be.  They were always available.  I never had, even with the on-line; I never had any problems with communication. 

It’s definitely not something that when people think of an accelerated program and being able to complete an Associate’s degree with your nursing in two years they think oh, it’s going to be easy.   You learn to study like you’ve never studied before and I’ve just learned that I’m able to accomplish amazing things and hard things.

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