Karon P.

Karon P.

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Karon P.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Fortis College in Richmond

I signed up for Fortis almost a year before I started in January 2010. When I walked into orientation, I saw an old friend from nearly 17 years ago and I knew I would be okay. Through the last year and a half, we’ve lost a few students and gained a few more in our class. Starting from a Licensed Practical Nurse perspective appeared to have given me an edge, however hard work could not escape me. I did not look for perfection, but supportive, motivating instructors. And that I found here at Fortis. Our class has prayed together, laughed at each other and pushed each other through to the end. I appreciate each of their strengths and now we will celebrate together as we all victoriously graduate and pass NCLEX! School is what you truly make it!

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