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Brooke A.

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Brooke A.

CED Programs

Fortis College in Centerville

Since I was younger I’ve always just had a passion of wanting to help people, wanting to be there with people and I found Fortis and loved kind of the structure and just decided to go for it. 

Cause it’s smaller, definitely the class sizes are smaller and I feel like it’s really important to have that one-on-one with the instructors.

You’re here with them, you know, throughout the program and they’re there whenever you need them, nights, weekends, if you were struggling I felt like I could contact them at any time and they were always there for me.

You know, if you have a goal in mind and you really work hard to achieve that goal you can set your mind to anything you can do it. 

Compassion is all of what a nurse is.  You have to love people. 

It shouldn’t be a job.  It should be a passion of being there and caring and being compassionate and wanting to help.

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