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At Fortis, financial aid is available to those who qualify.

The financial aid representatives at FORTIS are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance to students as they explore their financial aid options.  Personal attention, confidentiality and the highest ethical standards are the hallmark of every FORTIS financial aid office.  The student and family will work with financial aid representatives who can help them to develop a financial plan that minimizes obstacles that might prevent students from completing their education and achieving their goals.   

Many options are available to students who qualify, including Federal Student Aid Grant and Loan programs, State and Private funding sources, as well as Student Payment Plans.  Students are encouraged to explore all options available and to borrow wisely.

Let us help you achieve your career goals.  Paying for your education is your responsibility and our financial aid staff is here to help you learn all you need to know to apply.  Your FORTIS admission representative will gladly arrange a time for you to meet with the financial aid staff who are fully prepared to provide answers to all your questions.

With the help of the financial aid staff, students seeking financial assistance through any of the available programs will be able to request information and the appropriate financial assistance forms. 

Contact us now to discuss your options.

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