Yaisanet M.

Yaisanet M.

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Yaisanet M.

Health Information Technology

Fortis Institute in Erie

My days are always fast paced and challenging. I am part of a skilled and caring team that is focused on delivering a collection of superior services to each member of the communities we serve. Pulling charts for appoints, working with a specialized computer database, and coordinating with the doctors/staff are all part of my work day.

I chose FORTIS-ERIE because it had the kind of program I wanted and provided me the flexible schedule I needed as a mother with a young child. The quality of the learning was outstanding and I greatly appreciated the fact that the staff and faculty were extremely accommodating.

I found that the entire Health Information Technology Program and the Career Services Department were dynamic partners in preparing me for success in my field of interest. I learned the skill sets and attributes needed to provide the quality management of medical records plus the customer service skills needed in the 21st Century work force. I was very fortunate, but also prepared, to obtain my first job shortly after graduation and I really like it.

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