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Emily O.

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Emily O.

I wanted to get into the dental field because I like interacting one on one with patients.  I care very much about their health and their knowledge of their own health.  

Dental hygiene gives me the flexibility of being able to be at home with my girl and also when needed as a hygienist I can be called in and I get to keep up my skills and have that patient interaction.  It’s great.

My instructors were very one-on-one with me.  I could tell that they cared about me, that they wanted me to succeed.  

They took care of us if we ever had a problem or a struggle.  I felt comfortable going to them and knowing that they would take care of me.

My degree and my education here has helped me in the work experience because I was able to get a job.  I was able to interview.  I was able to let them know this is where I went to school, this is what I learned, I know how to interact with patients, I know how to do these technical and clinical things and it was very beneficial.

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