Shaunte’ Z.

Shaunte’ Z.

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Shaunte’ Z.

Medical Assisting

Fortis College in Columbia

Deciding to attend FORTIS was a wonderful thing to do. I had been out of high school 16 years and working the same job for 10 years. I told myself it was time for a career change.

It wasn't an easy journey. Having to work and do school, time away from my husband and family, and car trouble twice in a 2 month span were just a few of the obstacles. My husband losing his job almost made me quit so I could go back to work full time. But he wouldn't allow that. He said I had come too far to give up. It makes a huge difference when you have a good support team behind you.

Remember, no matter what obstacles are thrown at you or how hard it gets, the outcome will truly be worth it!

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