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Norris K.

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Norris K.

Upon my acceptance for admission to Fortis College Online in April 2013, I was very excited and looking forward to finally completing my Associates degree. Things were going smoothly until a few months into my studies when my spouse received news that a spot was found on one of her kidneys. Needless to say this affected me emotionally. I began to rush in my studies, resulting in academic probation.  My Associate Dean was kind enough to allow me to take a leave of absence to attend to my wife’s medical needs. I am glad to report she has made a full recovery.

Once I was readmitted into classes at Fortis Online, my same Associate Dean empowered and challenged me in completing my studies. She assured me that I would get the support and resources necessary to succeed. She kept her word; so did I.

I still encountered a few unexpected challenges, but I had the support of a few dedicated educators and support staff who I will never forget for their outstanding support. Alongside my Associate Dean, Fortis Online is blessed to have and is one of the best college administrators that I have ever met. All the folks in technical support are also individuals that you will rarely meet who are truly sincere in helping you succeed as a student.

Attending Fortis Online was an experience that will stay with me for life. Since graduating in September 2015 with an Associate Degree in Business Management, I have worked with a small financial services company as a Business Development Manager with the help of Career Services. In my current position with AARP, I serve as a Job Developer with their SCSEP program. Additionally, I work with the city’s Mayor in developing a Life Skills Program for youth and adults in my hometown. I also should share that I have written a book to be published in October 2016. Last, but not least, I will be enrolling in Waldorf University, where I will major in Organizational Leadership.

I hope that my story will motivate students who may be facing life challenges during their academic program. My advice to you is to stay positive and inform the Academic Dean or an instructor of what issues that you are struggling with. You will get an immediate response and the support necessary to continue moving forward in your studies at Fortis Online. After attending two previous higher learning institutions, I can honestly say that the administrative and academic support staff at Fortis College Online is top notch. I wish you all the best.

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