Melissa O.

Melissa O.

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Melissa O.

Dental Assisting

Fortis College in Phoenix

I feel like Fortis College did make a big difference in my personal life, and my career, and me growing as a professional and just growing as a person. I do feel like that there is more a lot of responsibility and more pride - - and I carry myself with more pride now knowing that I went to school and did what I wanted to do.

My dad’s very proud of me. Actually, he gives me rides to work now because he is happy for me. He sees that I’m happy and he knows that I can take care of myself now, and I did what I wanted to do and he’s very proud of me.

If people wanted to know my story, I would make sure they know it wasn’t easy just starting; just literally starting from nothing, and just working yourself up. It was hard but it was worth the wait.

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