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When I first started my college search, I looked three different colleges. I thought I was set on one of the colleges and decided to take a look at Fortis just to say I did. I met with an admission representive. She explained everything in full detail about the LPN program I was interested in. She introduced me to the wonderful library staff, the librarian, and academic support. After meeting with academic support I was sold on Fortis. None of the other schools I visited had or informed me the offer educational support. With me being an adult student going back to school after being out for over 15 years, it was a necessity.

My first week was very overwhelming. I was seriously wondering what I had gotten myself into. Anatomy & Physiology, one of the hardest courses of the program, was scheduled my first semester. This class, run by an incredible teacher, ended up being the foundation for my academic career. It set my routine and taught me how to study again. It was the best class for the first semester.

Our classroom instructors were great and went beyond duty to make sure we got the education we came to school for and that the subject matter was well understood. Most of them would have extra hours set for students to get extra assistance and one on one instruction time that many of us took full advantage of.

The clinicals that we had were very instrumental for the hands on experience and learning. They were coordinated with what was being taught in the classroom/lab. The clinical instructors were constantly in pursuit of new learning experiences for us and for us to practice our skills. I have to give them huge props on their diligence.

The clinical sites had very helpful staff. They were very eager to teach or give tips and to help with our clinical skills. Nurses would take us one at a time and mentor us for the day. There was one clinical site where we had issues with the staff. They were not very hospitable. We informed our instructor and the school, and the problem was resolved immediately. That site tumed out to be a great and impressionable leaming experience.

Like most things in life, everything doesn’t go as planned. When things didn’t work out or and emergency would arise, the staff stepped up to be sure we didn’t miss any instruction or clinical time. Even the D.O.N. stepped into the classroom and a clinical site when an emergency came up.

During the school year a position for a library assistant became available. I thought it would benefit my education and help me out with a little extra money to work in the library. I was hired for the position and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to work where there were so many resources and support in one place. I was thankful to be working in such a resourceful enviromnent where I could learn and pass the knowledge, resources, and support to fellow students. The librarian was a great boss and I couldn’t have worked for a better person. I really enjoyed working in the library.

Not only was the academic support immeasurable but the moral support I received from my instructors, advisors, library staff, and classmates were life savers. Like many nursing students, I went through serious life changes outside of school; they were crippling to the breaking point type of hardships. Without the support of everyone mentioned I don’t think I would be holding my diploma or LPN License.

I was also was on the Honor Society which I loved being part of because of the activities and charities we did for the school and community. I am proud to tell people that I was on Fortis Honor Society.

I cannot end this without mentioning the exceptional ladies of career services. They came to our classroom to teach us about resumes, interviewing, and job searching. I have been to visit them numerous times after I have graduated for resume updates, interview questions and job leads. They always have time for me and have helped me immensely. I tell all my classmates that are struggling with a job to go to them because they are very resourceful tools.

Thank you Fortis College for everything. There are too many advantages this college possesses to mention, but I am so pleased that I chose the best school for my nursing education. I recommend Fortis to everyone that is considering continuing their education.

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