FORTIS Programs

Fortis College in Phoenix, AZ: Dental Radiology

This course will provide the student with radiographic exposure techniques, the fundamental theory of oral radiology to include radiation biology, radiation protection, current radiographic exposure techniques and emphasizing an introduction to intraoral and extraoral techniques.

Students will learn to interpret normal anatomy, caries, and bone loss associated with periodontal and systemic diseases, periapical pathology and dental materials.

This course will emphasize the practical clinical application of dental radiology techniques. Students will demonstrate competence on laboratory manikins and patients in the clinical setting.

We train our students using:

  • Conventional Film Techniques
  • Digital Phosphor Plate Scanners
  • Digital X-Ray Sensors
  • Digital X-Ray Software

Practice on our manikins, so that you are prepared for your patients!

This course is a non-accredited, non-credit continuing education course for professionals in the medical field.

For more information about the Dental Radiology Continuing Education courses, please contact the Continuing Education Department at (602) 254-3099.