“Second Screen” Industry Taking Off

TechnologyApril 19, 2013

Admit it. You no longer just watch TV…you’re watching and using a smartphone or tablet at the same time. Well, you’re not alone. Combining TV-watching with simultaneous interaction on a personal device is one of the most popular leisure activities today…and the mobile industry is paying attention. It’s quickly creating mobile apps and sites that relate to what’s on TV – the so-called “second screen” phenomena. The idea is to make tablets and smartphones companion devices to TV so viewers can add levels of interactivity via social networking, dedicated second screen apps, and through sites that complement on-air content, which are being promoted by many TV programs. It’s apparently the wave of the future. Business Insider Intelligence reports a whole new second screen industry is poised for success, noting that more than eight out of 10 smartphone users engage in second screen behavior at least once each month. And it’s not just young people: 60% of Americans earning more than $50,000 a year use their phones while also watching TV. Even if “everyone” isn’t involved, those who do are highly engaged, making them a strong audience for advertisers. TV ad spending last year was about $74 billion. That’s huge! Even if the mobile industry captures a small share of that, there’s good money to be made by adapting technology that grabs the attention of second-screeners. Some thought leaders in education also believe that this technology has applications in the higher education realm.  It’s exciting to imagine all the potential applications for the delivery of in-school and on-line programs based on the interconnectivity of smart devices, social media and broadcast media.  How and when we learn is being shaped by technology. Today, you may just be an end-user, but the experience could help you become the mobile entrepreneur of tomorrow. IT and business technology applications are creating exciting opportunities for people of all ages and educational backgrounds. If those are areas of interest to you, perhaps they’re pointing toward a career path in tech. If you’d like to learn more about your options for getting an education in technology, cyber security or business, please visit

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