Key Issues to Consider for Developing a Mobile App

TechnologyJanuary 04, 2013

Below is a short list of important items one should consider when thinking about developing mobile apps. TECHNOLOGY: Focus on Apple and Android first because together they represent more than 75% of the smartphone market.  Spend some time beforehand to learn about the different platforms so you can speak with confidence to the app developers. COMPETITION: What are your competitors doing with mobile apps?  Some points to consider:

Strengths – what do you think they are doing right? Weaknesses – What are they doing wrong and can be improved? User Experience – EASE OF USE IS KEY!  Is the app easy to use and easy to download? Measurement – Track number of downloads, comments and ratings from users religiously!

END USERS: Take great effort in advance to identify the target end users for your mobile app.  Key points to consider when profiling end user segments include:

Expectations – What do they want the app to do for them? Interests – What would they use the app to do or accomplish? Technology – What technologies do they prefer to use? Requirements – What are the specific requirements?  Both “hard” and “soft” requirements. Feedback – Allow for feedback for customer likes and dislikes from using your app

USEFULNESS: Your app must serve a need for users so they will come back and continue to use it.  Plan out “use cases” in advance so developers will address them and help create quality apps.  Spend time brainstorming with a group that fits the profile of your target end users.    

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