How to Develop a Good Action Plan for Launching a Mobile App

TechnologyJanuary 04, 2013

Below is a quick 10 point list of best practices for developing your plan to launch your mobile app.

  1. Promote Your App: Create buzz by marketing your mobile app through various channels including social media and blogs before the launch date including creating a page on your website and doing email or text blasts.
  2. Get Your App Reviewed: Getting favorable reviews from trustworthy sources is a great way to create some initial demand for the app.
  3. Give It Away: Offer industry bloggers a free download of your app in exchange for a true and honest review of it.
  4. Encourage Feedback: Find creative ways to encourage end users to write reviews.  Monitor the feedback and respond quickly to both positive and negative feedback.
  5. Only Useful Content: People will only be interested in your app if they understand how using it will benefit them.
  6. Explain & Explain: Use different types of content and information to explain how the app works .  The more “live” examples you can supply as feedback comes in the better.
  7. Display & Display: Use videos, images, user guides, etc. to show benefits of your app.
  8. Distribute Slowly: Start with limited distribution.  Some say use only one store at first so you can manage feedback, fix bugs quickly and concentrate on updates before a rollout strategy.
  9. Distribution Channels: These include Android App Store, The App Store, Google Play, Windows Store which are all good ones to consider for your first distribution.
  10. Measure Metrics:  Review and share metrics regularly including using some third party metrics tracking apps that are available to supply details on specific user metrics.

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