Cybersecurity Startups Seeing Money Flow

TechnologyApril 20, 2017

Venture capital firms invested more than $3 billion backing a record 279 cybersecurity startups last year – and for good reason, and more than four billion records were exposed by date breaches in 2016.

Importance of Cyber Security

According to a recent News & Observer article, hackers are the “new” drug dealers – swimming in money, Rolexes and European sports cars. They’ve gotten so good – and so brazen – that no one, no organization, and no government is completely safe from a criminal cyber incursion. Just look at what happened to the Democratic National Committee last fall, or, reportedly, to the CIA this year.

Cybercrime as at the forefront of today’s criminal activities, so it’s only natural that everyone is seeking ways to protect themselves and their vital information. That has given rise to the formation of specialized cybersecurity funding, including a $300 million fund launched in February by Trident Capital Cybersecurity. That’s an indication that startups dealing with specialized cyber security protocols will remain busy for the foreseeable future.

In fact, New Atlantic Ventures partner John Backus told, “Our need for ever-evolving cyber security solutions is leading to wave after wave of cybersecurity startups. I think we will not only see continued investment in cyber security companies, but we will see increased investment in the cybersecurity industry.”

A majority of venture capital cybersecurity funding is going to startups – early-stage businesses – that typically are valued between $100,000 and $5 million. CB Insights, which compiles cybersecurity research data, is generally optimistic that this year will continue to see venture capital investments directed toward cybersecurity startups, potentially sparked by the United States and other countries embarking on spending sprees to curtail their cyber security threats.

Safeguarding sensitive and secret information has definitely become a “big business.” Cybersecurity has become a nearly indispensable part of any business or government operation.

Starting a Career in Cyber Security

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