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What is Hospitality Marketing? Get To Know The Basics

Online DegreesDecember 05, 2013

You may have heard of relationship marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing and possibly hotel digital marketing, but what about hospitality marketing? Hospitality marketing is a distinct specialization that promotes leading hospitality services and industries such as motels, bars, clubs, resorts, restaurants and luxury hotels.

Hospitality marketing is a relatively new concept compared to other marketing plans that have been established and widely used for promotional products and major retail companies. For many years, hotels, spas, inns and restaurants were primarily satisfied with their business if they had high occupancy rates, paying customers and a busy establishment. Today's hospitality industry is highly competitive and booming with new venues competing to be at the top of the list.

Today's hospitality businesses want to win the hearts of certain demographics, as well as attract specific crowds and clientele. Hospitality marketing relates to efforts that are directed and targeted towards increasing the revenue of a business that falls under the hospitality umbrella.

What Does A Hospitality Marketing Plan Involve?

Hospitality marketing has some similarities to general marketing strategies when it comes to the strategy involved, except it involves five components. These five components include:

  1. What is the product and service? (If the product and/or service is being described, what words would be used, and what is its main purpose?)
  2. What does it look like to its consumers? (This describes the "look and feel" of the service and/or product.) For example, a spa service might look as though it exists for the sole purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation. It may appear tranquil, serene and somewhat like an escape.
  3. How is it communicated to the audience you are trying to reach? (Is the service and/or product communicated by means of promotional advertisements, online discounts, or email marketing campaigns?)
  4. What is the actual price of the product and/or service?
  5. How is the product and/or service distributed to the public? (How will your audience find the service and/or product? Will it be offered through the internet or web page? Will it be presented in print and media sources, or will it be a offered to the public through a physical location?)

What Do Hospitality-Related Businesses Want Today?

Nowadays, businesses want to know how they can get their service or hospitality venue displayed on a broader scale so they can attract new customers and retain their former ones. Greater communication of a service to the public can result in a generous return through number of consumers, as well as increased revenue.

What Can A Hospitality Business Do To Get The Word Out?

Business owners can start by using some of the most helpful methods for promoting a service such as developing an online presence, sending out promotional advertisements and creating classifieds, brochures and online content. Social media is another powerful tactic, and if a venue or hospitality entrepreneur wants to get recognized, promoting their services and discounts in social media is priceless.

To be successful, hospitality-related companies should know who to target for their set product or service and how to get the word out about their services. This focus and exposure will attract customers and help the companies establish valued reputations.

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