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Online DegreesDecember 12, 2013

Money is what makes the world go round. When it comes to making sure that funds are spent properly, accountants are the professionals who provide this assurance. Although it is a vast field that can be difficult to navigate, payroll accounting is a promising field for any aspiring financial professional. For any company with employees, payroll is one of the biggest challenges that any business owner can face. With the need for employee payment and fairly complex labor laws, business owners often turn to dedicated experts to handle employee payroll.

How to Break Into the Field

One of the best ways to get started with a career in payroll accounting is to pursue an associate in accounting technology. This degree's curriculum prepares students for an entry-level career by covering key topics such as making financial projections, preparing financial statements and using specialized software to generate reports. Additionally, by highlighting topics such as psychology, economics, mathematics and other relevant fields, you can develop a holistic skill set to prepare you for many positions.

Salary and Demand

Although salaries for graduates differ from person to person based on various factors, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the national median pay for accounting professionals in 2010 was slightly over $61,000. The projected growth for the field between 2010 and 2020 is 16 percent. Ideal candidates in this field need to possess analytical skills, communication skills, strong attention to detail and the ability to handle basic arithmetic. It is important to note that while number crunching is a crucial aspect of accounting, most modern businesses need professionals who can communicate effectively to management and other key individuals.

A Degree Within Reach

In today's society, it is possible to return to school by breaking down your desired career into manageable steps. You can begin your professional advancement even if you are working full-time or have a family at home.

If you are looking to break into a solid career in finance, you should explore the area of payroll accounting. Business owners utilize this profession as a resource in the payment of their employees.

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