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How Tourism Impacts the Hospitality Industry

Online DegreesAugust 15, 2015

The hospitality industry around the world is impacted by levels of tourism.  The impact of tourism goes beyond providing check in services to guests at a hotel or taking an order at a restaurant. The hospitality industry works for locals living in the city as well as visiting tourists.

Knowledge of Other Cultures

Tourists to this country may be Americans visiting from a different region of the country, but many visitors come from other countries with different languages and cultures. For many companies in the industry, this has led to new training for employees to help them gain a better understanding of various cultures. Many companies also look to hire bilingual employees in order to provide assistance to foreign visitors. Speaking other languages is a huge advantage in the hospitality industry, because it means that you can interact with guests from different countries, in addition to local visitors. Hospitality companies search for ways to appeal to as many people as possible, so they seek to be multicultural as well.

Employment Levels

Levels of employment can change in a region when tourism in the city increases. As more visitors arrive, more staff is needed to take care of tourists in hotels, restaurants and various attractions. In some areas, the number of tourists visiting can change depending on the season. For example, more visitors head to cities with beaches in the summer and more travel to ski resorts in the winter. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics noted that the hospitality industry hired 75,000 workers in June 2013, most likely to prepare for increased tourism during the summer. When the number of visitors increases, especially for summer vacations, companies need to hire more staff.

Different Types of Customers

Hospitality is not only for customers who visit from other places, but also for individuals who live nearby. Restaurants, for example, also have customers who will eat there more than once because they like the food. Even hotels have visitors from nearby cities, as some people plan short weekend vacations to save money. Local visitors sometimes need the persuasion of special discounts to stay at a local hotel or delicious food to return to a restaurant. These businesses must develop different ways to market their companies, so that both local residents and tourists will want to visit. Thinking about these two types of tourism can make things slightly more complicated for hospitality workers. Tourism is still often thought of as the annual family trip to the beach, but the impact of tourism on the hospitality industry starts right at home. A dinner to a local restaurant or a trip to a local amusement park impacts many levels and areas of hospitality that some people don't think about. Though tourism is often a huge part of life in cities like New York or Las Vegas, tourism on a smaller scale can also impact local communities around the world. Learn more about Fortis's online degrees today! Photo Source: Flickr [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf]

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