Hotel and Resort Management: 5 Optional Career Paths

If you are interested in a hotel and resort management degree, you will find that a world of opportunities are available to you once you graduate and gain hands-on experience. You will have to spend time exploring various entry-level positions to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and personality type.

Sales and Marketing Manager

If you have always had an interest in sales, this can be one of the higher paying jobs within the hospitality industry. Sales and marketing managers also get to travel and meet with clients, so if networking and business relationship development is your forte, this is a fantastic career path that offers numerous chances for advancement and work improvement. After a specific amount of time, a sales manager may be promoted to the position of sales and marketing director, which offers room for an excellent salary boost and an entirely new set of responsibilities.

Guest Relations and Security Management

These two roles somewhat tie together, as they generally hold the same mission, which is to keep guests happy, safe and satisfied with their stay or services at all times. If you believe in ultimate guest satisfaction and enjoy watching over groups, guests and events, you would be a great fit in one of these areas. Security management does require some licensing and first aid classes, which some leading hotels will pay for. The primary focus of guest relations and security is the success and safety of a guest's stay at a hotel, function or resort.

Manager of Events and Meetings

This career path is an action-packed and busy one. If you love the rush of planning and organizing a successful event and seeing it go smoothly, this could be the best career choice for you. Know that this specific department requires a lot of energy and a positive attitude, as you will be dealing with major league clients at times.

Restaurant Manager/Food and Beverage Manager

This can be another exciting career to choose, once you have acquired experience within the food and beverage department. Whether you are running the front of the house in the hotel restaurant or calculating food and beverage department costs, you will need to learn every trick of the trade in this fast-paced area of hotel and resort operations.

Spa Manager

If you have a solid interest in the well-being of others and a knowledge of relaxation techniques, spa treatments and various self-care methods, you will excel in this area. Many hotels usually outsource a specific team of spa professionals to work from their hotel spa, so you would be required to oversee their services and manage accordingly. There are many more available career paths for you to choose. In the hotel and resort management industry, the job opportunities are endless. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons 

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