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Hospitality Management Career: What Personality Traits Are Valued?

Online DegreesFebruary 24, 2015

Choosing to pursue a hospitality management career doesn't necessarily mean you must be an extrovert. Within this industry, you might end up on the administration side, the operations side or within the various areas of study such as travel and tourism, meetings and event planning, or food and beverage. There isn't one specific personality type that is perfect for a career in this field, but there are some personality traits that are prevalent among individuals. If you are thinking about a hospitality management career, take a look at some of the more common personality traits within the industry.

Hard Working and Self-Motivated

While many people believe that studying and working in the hospitality field is all about social gatherings, parties and fun, it truly isn't. Hospitality is one of the most stressful industries in which to work, but if you can manage these stresses, it can be extremely rewarding. Individuals within this field are usually hard working and possess a strong work ethic. For their position to be rewarding, they know that they must be punctual and dedicated to their job and the people they serve. Hospitality professionals tend to be self-motivated and disciplined to some degree. They know that they may have to work some insane hours, but they don't hesitate to alter their personal commitments to make it all work. For example, hospitality workers might choose a recreational art class that runs during the day or change up their workouts to better fit their daily schedule.

Patience is a Key Personality Trait

People who work in the hospitality industry require patience at all times, as you are working with a broad scope of people from all walks of life. You may encounter people who have different accents, serve people in a restaurant that are obnoxious, or you may need to wait on colleagues for your work to go smoothly.

Are You Good with People?

Many people assume that anyone who chooses to start a hospitality management career automatically loves people. This is true to some extent. If you choose this career path, friendliness and being able to work with people of all personality types is an advantage; however, do not worry if you are shy. Although you may not be a social butterfly by nature, you can develop these skills as you gain more experience within the industry. Many individuals that enter the broad field of hospitality management tend to find their own niche within a specific sector best suited to their personalities. The world of hospitality is a grand one, and there are many specializations within the industry, offering numerous jobs ranging from entry level to top management. 

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