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Does an Online Associate Degree Program Offer Study Buddies?

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Study buddies are a key factor in getting through school. Someone to quiz you. Someone to ask you one more question. Someone to be a lab partner. Someone to let you know you are not crazy or just crazy enough for doing this. How are you going to buddy up alone in front of your computer? The good news is you aren't alone. Your study buddy will be there with you. You don't even need to share your study table. Online associate degree programs are built around the student community. Just like online social networks, you will be connected to other students. Online courses are different from sitting in a classroom setting. You probably won't meet your teacher or other students in person, but you still have the opportunity to get to know them. Email, forums and chats will keep you connected to your classmates. If your study hair isn't looking too crazy, maybe you could schedule a video chat, too. You will know who is chatty, brainy, shy or the class clown. After all, this is still school. You will still need to make time to study. Home has distractions like family, television and the option of cleaning. This is where you are on your own, as you will need to make time for learning. The hardest part of online associate degree programs is self discipline. Juggling family and work can be difficult and exhausting, especially with the addition of an online degree program. This is your challenge to win. The presence of any home distractions is where connecting with your online community is helpful. Remember, you might be the only one in your house or at the coffee shop, but you are not alone in school. Everyone else earning their online associate degree is doing the same thing. Set up online meetings with your study buddy to keep you on schedule. Holding each other accountable will help keep you on track. While the teachers aren't really your study buddies, they have an online presence, as well. This will work better with your schedule if you need help or have questions. You don't have to wait for office hours. Send a question by email or post it in a forum. Other students will also add their thoughts on the forums. You don't have anything to worry about because you may not be the first or only one with that question. Searching the forum may give you the answer right away. Online, you may end up with more study buddies than expected. This social aspect is a bonus on your path to completing an online associate degree program. Photo Source: Flickr

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