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A Career in Food And Beverage Management: Numerous Advantages

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Interested in a management career? If you like the idea of working within the food and beverage industry as a restaurant manager, bar manager, executive chef or catering manager, you are in for a treat. The majority of food and beverage management programs fall under the hospitality degree umbrella of programs, and they can be short or long depending on what is covered and the area in which you would like to focus. Working in the food and beverage department within any company requires a lot of dedication, energy and positive enthusiasm. It is one of the largest departments in the hospitality industry as a whole. It can be a fantastic field to get into if you like customer service, keeping active and even working with your hands. There are numerous advantages to working in this colorful area of hospitality, some of which may open doors to overseas adventures and major job opportunities.

Some Perks

The staff members working in this particular department enjoy various perks, such as free food and drinks. Upon the approval of the executive staff, many food and beverage departments pass off products they can't use to their staff. Working in food and beverage can be stressful, but it is also a high energy role. A perk of the job is that you get to stay active all day instead of being trapped behind a desk and chained to a phone, like those in reservations or hotel accounting departments.

The Advantage of a Social Life

While the entire hospitality field is one big social sector, the food and beverage department is given the opportunity to communicate and interact much more. Obviously you won't be on a social network and buzzing at work when you have responsibilities, but being around such a diverse group of individuals allows you to make new friends, which then leads to gatherings outside of work. This can be a fantastic advantage for those who experience shyness and crave adventure in their lives.

Networking Brings New Job Opportunities

Now that you have a family of friends in the food and beverage department, you can muster up the courage to talk to your boss and ask about any managerial food and beverage positions that may be opening up in the near future. Once you feel comfortable and confident in your job performance, you will have the confidence to approach a boss. Working in the food and beverage department has various advantages, and it can lead to fulfilling positions such as a food and beverage director, director of catering and banquets and even the role of a general manager. Photo Source: Flickr

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