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3 Amazing Aspects of Hotel Catering

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Have you ever imagined yourself working in the hotel catering department, kitchen or on the event floor at leading luxury hotels? Do you have a "taste" for success, love food design and have a great appreciation for the appearance of plated dishes? A hotel catering position might be the perfect area for you to begin a long hospitality career. The catering department in any hotel is a unique area to work in because there are so many aspects to it. If you are unsure whether this department is for you, read some of these benefits about choosing this type of career.

Numerous Opportunities for Advancement

The hotel catering department is quite broad, and there are so many other avenues you can try if you do not enjoy your current position. Many hospitality graduates start in one area and end up in another when it comes to the catering department. For example, an employee may start in the event set-up area and end up plating fancy dishes in the kitchen. It all really depends on where you want to go once you enter the department and how much effort you put in. If you want to become a manager, then it is smart to get to know every area of the hotel catering and events department, so you will always be prepared for any future job challenges.

Learn Culinary Art Skills and Do What You Love

If you enjoy cooking for others and love the feeling of putting one of your colorfully designed dishes on the table for guests to try, you probably need to consider a culinary type of career. By stepping into this part of the hospitality world, you will provide yourself with the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in your area. Major hotels only hire the best executive chefs, so chances are, you will be learning from someone who has studied, worked and even taught culinary arts across the globe.

The Perfect Path to Your Own Catering Business

Let's face it; companies like to hire caterers that have extensive knowledge when it comes to culinary arts and plating tasty, beautiful dishes. If you have dreamed of eventually opening up your own catering business, this is the best path to take. The experience offered by a catering department at a four- or five-star hotel cannot be matched by working for a small restaurant or by simply catering small parties. Photo Source: Flickr

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