Prepare for Military Downsizing

MilitaryApril 02, 2013

Both enlisted personnel and officers hoping to make a career in the military may have to face an unwelcome truth – the downsizing of our military forces.  History has shown us time and time again that the military operates on a cycle. Forces are ramped up during times of conflict and unrest and troop levels are downsized when tensions ease. Times appear no different today. 

Certain budget cuts already are being put into effect and more than one million service members likely will leave the military by 2016. However, you can take precautions now to ensure economic well-being regardless of your particular situation. Whether you see the military as a long-term commitment or not, obtaining a college level education will enable you to become better prepared for whatever transpires. That Feb. 25 Reuters report also notes that statistics show that just over 14% of all new veterans (32 and younger) have a college degree. They typically have a better shot at promotion within the military, or securing outside jobs when they decide to leave the service. Many programs today offer a flexibility that is ideal for current enlisted military personnel to obtain a degree. 

The abundance of financial resources available to them encourages more service men and women to work toward a college education. Avoid getting caught off guard. Think about your future, in the military or out of it. Visit if you’d like to learn more about the various online programs being offered to help you prepare for any eventuality.

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