How Medical Assistants Also Can Learn Basic X-Ray Skills

HealthcareMay 31, 2018

Medical assistants who also wish to be trained in basic x-ray skills certainly could go back to school and enroll in a Radiologic Technology program to receive imaging training. That would enable them to work with a variety of imaging technologies in addition to the medical assisting duties.

Doctors often use x-rays to help diagnose conditions and treatment options. While many may have x-ray equipment in their offices, most do not also have MRI, CAT scan or ultrasound capabilities. For the medical assisting candidates who believe they can be more valuable team members with basic x-ray skills, there is an easier route – enrolling in a Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray program from the start.

A medical assistant with basic x-ray skills begins with a standard medical assisting education, combining that with a concentration in x-ray imaging. The program provides more versatility and several sought-after skills, plus a Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray program is beneficial to those hoping to get a quicker start in the field and better meet the needs of multifunctional offices.

Medical assistants with limited x-ray training can perform x-ray and imaging duties over and above their traditional medical assisting responsibilities. In addition to patient coordination, physician-assisting and administrative tasks, they actively participate in diagnoses by explaining the x-ray process to patients, prepare them for the procedure and perform the actual imaging.

Basic, or limited, x-ray training means these medical assistants will focus on common imaging procedures, such as chest, head, spine and extremities x-rays rather than the full complement of radiologic technician specializations. While helping to fill immediate demand, a Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray program is a great way to receive introductory experience in the radiologic field, should you wish to branch out to that specialty in the future.

Fortis offers a Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray program at its Florida campuses, as well as in Columbus, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah. The program prepares graduates to perform select x-ray procedures typically performed in doctor’s offices and most walk-in medical clinics along with medical assisting skills. To learn more, visit our Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray program page

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