Are You Ready for Life After Nursing School?

NursingMarch 05, 2018

As noted in an earlier blog (Dec. 31, 2016), making the transition from nursing school to your first nursing job can be nerve-racking. The shifts are long and most new nurses probably will have to stay late multiple times. As nurses, they’ll also be expected to know how to quickly solve a variety of complex medical problems even though they are relatively new on the job.

Not a lot has changed over the intervening year-plus; however, there are a few additional things soon-to-graduate nursing students should be prepared to face. Until they pass the NCLEX, nurse graduates can’t practice their trade…and, to take the licensure exam, they first must register with the state’s nursing regulatory agency. An NCLEX review course is a good idea, as is starting to look for openings and preparing for job interviews.

But, at least you’re finished with learning – right?

Wrong! Kelly Hunt, RN, BSN advises nurse graduates to “never stop learning,” so they can keep abreast of new research, technology, best practices, and more. Hunt also says that new nurses need to develop good time management skills in order to deal with the extensive multi-tasking they’ll encounter.  Further, they need to learn how to remain resilient in the face of the many demands they will face on the job.

Nurses deal with critically ill patients nearly every day. Some are bound to die. That can affect nurses deeply – especially the first time it happens. They need to develop the inner strength necessary to get past the inevitable in order to give others the quality care they need. No one ever said nursing was easy, however, as with other careers, new nurses get better with time and experience. No one is an expert on their first day.

Nursing happens to be an extremely rewarding career. You will find yourself bringing smiles to peoples’ faces and helping them through some of the toughest times of their lives. So, as a nurse graduate, here’s one more thing you should do…and this one shouldn’t take too much practice: CELEBRATE! You’ve just completed some of the most rigorous training around. You deserve it.

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