Making Your Nursing Education Dreams a Reality: 3 Things to Know Before You Begin

NursingMarch 27, 2014

If you are debating whether a nursing education is right for you, there are some things that you should first consider. A nursing career offers so many benefits: health care, vision care, dental care, PTO, a good salary with shift differential pay, life insurance, opportunities for advancement, overtime and more. A career in nursing further offers a rewarding future but does involve a great deal of responsibility and should not be entered into hastily.

Here are three things that you will want to consider before embarking on an educational adventure in nursing:

Do I Really Want to Be a Nurse?

A nursing education involves extensive study of the human body and the mind. If you are a science enthusiast and find it fascinating to learn about how the body works, nursing may be the career for you. A student nurse will also learn about diseases, symptoms, treatments, medications and more. You will learn how to talk to people effectively, as a nurse is one of the first to inform a patient about an illness. There is a great deal of patient and family teaching involved when caring for someone else. Before going to nursing school, you should talk to other nurses to get a clearer picture of what nursing truly entails.

The Busy Life Balancing Act

You will need to decide if you are able to go to school full-time or part-time. If you have to work and go to school, then a part-time school schedule will likely be your plan. You will need to devote a great deal of time to studying though, so be sure that this is possible for you. You may also have to make adjustments if you have a family to care for.

How to Afford School

The easiest way to pay for nursing school is to use your own resources. If you lack immediate proper funding for this, don't worry — it is still very possible to obtain a career in nursing. Many employers also offer tuition assistance or you may be eligible for a loan, scholarship or grant. Do not give up on your dream if you want to go to school for nursing; there are always ways to reach your goals. Ask your employer what they offer, and do your research on the grants and scholarships available to you.

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