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Homeland Security Truths in Showtime's Homeland Series

Like many television dramas, Showtime's new hit show Homeland embellishes many of the true details of a realistic homeland security premise to design a gripping tale of suspense to entertain viewers. So, what aspects of the show might actually be realis...
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Working in an Advertising Agency: What CBS's The Crazy Ones Gets Right

Working in an advertising agency might not be exactly like the kind of thing you see on the hit CBS show The Crazy Ones, but the show does include some true elements. The Importance of Client Relationships In the episode "Models Love Magic," Robin Wil...
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HR Myths vs. Reality: Michael and Toby from The Office

If you're thinking about a career in human resources (HR), you may want to consider the following examples from The Office of what not to do in your career. Ever. The Office is a television show about the office environment of a paper company in Scra...
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