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Our fast-paced training program in biotechnology at our schools in Maryland and New Jersey uses hands-on, practical lab experience to give students an edge for employment in the rapidly growing biotechnology sector. In the Biotechnology Technology program, students learn standard lab operating procedures, documentation, biomanufacturing, cell culture, DNA and protein analysis so they will have the skills upon completion for positions in the biotech industry such as biological technician, manufacturing associate, research assistant and lab technician.

Biotechnology uses living organisms and technology to solve problems and manufacture products that improve the overall quality of human life. Some of these products include: vaccines, cheese, insulin, and drugs to treat cancer, HIV, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. Students who graduate from our a biotechnology programs in Maryland or New Jersey are well-prepared for entry level positions in research labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, government institutions or quality control environments.

If you live in Maryland, Washington DC or northern New Jersey, then call Fortis today to schedule a campus visit to learn more about our biotechnology program or click here to Request more information today to learn how you can enroll in the program to get start on career path in biotech.

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