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X-rays are more than simply images of broken bones.  Physicians use radiologic imaging to see inside the human body to assist in the diagnosis of diseases, medical conditions or bodily injuries. The Radiologic Technologist is an essential member of the healthcare team, and works closely with physicians in clinics, hospitals and other facilities, to provide critical information, patient care and injury diagnostics.

Fortis offers Radiology Technologist programs that can prepare you to pursue entry-level positions in the exciting world of radiologic technology. Offered at select campuses, our comprehensive program is a balanced curriculum that is the ideal blend of traditional classroom instruction, small-group learning and hands-on skill development.

Our experienced anddedicated faculty are committed to helping students gain the knowledge and skills they need. The combination of classroom learning and real-world skill development helps students develop the competence and confidence necessary to pursue a career as a radiologic technologist.

Our radiology technology programs in Louisiana, Tennessee, Maryland and Ohio provide comprehensive and rigorous instruction in aspects of radiography designed to respond to the dynamic and evolving nature of the healthcare profession. The Fortis rad (radiology) tech program emphasizes excellence in patient care and the emphasizes safe radiation practices. Request information on how to obtain your radiologic technology education in Baton Rouge, Columbus, Nashville, Cookeville, Columbus or Landover today!

* Contact individual campus for programmatic accreditation.