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Train to Become a Medical Lab Technician with a Program from FORTIS

A Medical Lab Technician performs tests and laboratory procedures used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. They may examine and analyze body fluids, and cells, looking for bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; match blood for transfusions; and test blood for other purposes. The test results will enable physicians to diagnose and treat diseases and other conditions. The Medical Lab Technician may use lab equipment such as microscopes, cell counters, and other automated and computerized equipment.

The Medical Lab Technician program at FORTIS will prepare students to enter this career field in a variety of entry-level positions. Medical Lab Technicians often work in blood banking, hematology, immunology, or microbiology performing duties under the supervision of a pathologist, medical laboratory scientist or other medical professional.

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