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Lab Technician Program

If you are excited about a career in the field of biotechnology and are researching lab technician programs, you are in the right place! FORTIS offers fast-paced training program to prepare for a biotech career at our school in Wayne, New Jersey.

Careers in Biotechnology as a Lab Technician

Biotechnology uses living organisms and technology to solve problems and manufacture products that improve the overall quality of human life. Some of these products include: food products, vaccines, candy, cheese, insulin, and drugs to treat cancer, HIV, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.

Many people employed in this field work as lab technicians who research, analyze, and record data and information. While the main area of growth in this field is in research positions, lab technician jobs are not solely research-based. There are also career opportunities in quality control and assurance, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.

The job outlook is promising for this profession, with many private and public companies, as well as the federal government, investing in biotechnology and other areas that require skilled laboratory technicians.

FORTIS Lab Technician Teaches Biotech Skills

Our program incorporates hands-on, practical lab experiences to give students a leading edge when seeking employment in this rapidly growing industry. In this program, students learn standard lab operating procedures, documentation, biomanufacturing, cell culture, and DNA and protein analysis, among other skills necessary to succeed in this field.

Students who graduate from our lab technician program in New Jersey are well-prepared for entry-level positions in research labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, government institutions, and quality control environments. Some potential positions students may obtain after successfully completing our program include: biological technician, manufacturing associate, research assistant, and lab technician.

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