Medical Assistant School Programs

Medical Assistant Training Programs

Take the first step towards building a career in healthcare. Training to become a medical assistant opens the door to countless professional possibilities, while also making a direct impact on the lives of others.

Medical Assistant School Programs

With campuses conveniently located around the country, Fortis provides in-depth training for aspiring medical assistants, so they can confidently seek out entry-level employment at a medical office or clinic. 

What does a medical assistant do?

With one of the most versatile roles in healthcare today, medical assistants provide vital administrative and clinical support, allowing offices and clinics to run smoothly. A qualified medical assistant can provide everything from front desk support to injections, blood draws, and more.

Medical assistants have a unique entry point into the healthcare field, because their work allows them to gain experience across countless medical settings. This gives these professionals the chance to become experienced in medical assisting or specialize down the road, once they discover an area of medicine they are drawn to.

"Becoming an MA can be a stepping stone to a lifelong career in healthcare."

Idella Woodard, Fortis Instructor

Start a Healthcare Career with a Medical Assistant Training Program

A career in medical assisting provides a foot in the door for a rewarding future in the field of healthcare. As medical technology continues to advance, so does the need for qualified, compassionate medical assistants. 

The Medical Assistant Training Program at Fortis Provides:

Experienced Instructors
The teachers at Fortis bring their real-life skills to the classroom, guiding students through the day-to-day challenges and opportunities within the medical assisting field.
Comprehensive Curriculum

Training takes place in the classroom and the lab, going beyond mere theory to give students the hands-on practice they need to adapt to evolving challenges on the job.

Impact Focused

As a graduate of the medical assisting program, Fortis students have the tools they need to begin their career in healthcare and have a positive impact on their local communities.

Students who participate in a Medical Assistant Training Program at Fortis will walk away knowing how to:

  • Perform thoughtful, compassionate patient care, helping patients feel understood and supported.
  • Tend to critical back office administrative processes, so the clinic runs smoothly.
  • Apply training to a wide variety of healthcare locations, including public and private clinics, physicians’ offices, inpatient and outpatient facilities, and nursing and residential care facilities.

Upon graduation from Fortis' Medical Assistant Training Program, students will be equipped with the skills they need to set out on a rewarding career path.