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What Is A Hybrid Class?

Online DegreesSeptember 16, 2016

All students learn differently, so the best teaching practices and programs typically include a variety of tools to engage visual, auditory and kinetic learners. There have been studies that show many online classes are as effective as classroom instruction – sometimes even more so.


Some educators, however, worry that, online, students miss out on the daily interaction with others, potentially limiting development of “soft” skills developed in classroom settings. The answer to that may be hybrid, or blended, class experiences.


As the name implies, online and in-class instruction are blended in these programs, giving students the latitude to work at their own speed online while still engaging in the on-campus experience throughout the run of their courses. However, one needs to distinguish between “hybrid classroom courses,” in which online study replaces a significant percentage of classroom learning, and “hybrid online courses,” which add some face-to-face experiences, such as labs or lectures, to primarily online courses.


The difference between hybrid and web-enhanced, or online, courses is that the online instruction is meant to supplement face-to-face coursework…not replace it. Students will continue to meet in a classroom for a standard number of overall hours scheduled for the course.

Benefits of a Hybrid Class

What are the benefits to students in hybrid classes? The presentations may be more interesting; students often stay focused longer when online; eLearning can help students set better learning goals, and blended learning offers real-world skills that better prepare students for work in their chosen careers.


What’s most significant about hybrid classes is that the U.S. Department of Education found hybrid students achieve at higher levels than fully online or face-to-face students do. That suggests blended learning, with a mix of online and on-campus instruction, may be an optimum approach to learning.

Enroll in a Hybrid Class Today

Fortis offers hybrid learning programs in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding tin which students engage in online learning classes three days-a-week, plus one day each week of classroom instruction. These programs offer the flexibility of Internet courses with weekly opportunities for face-to-face interaction.


To begin your journey in empowering your education, contact Fortis today to enroll in a hybrid class. 

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