Nurses Find Gratification in Their Profession

NursingApril 20, 2017

As we look to National Nurses Week, May 6-12, it’s a good time to consider where…and how…nurses are gratified by what they do. From a career perspective, nurses generally feel rewarded and gratified in terms of the joys nursing brings, one of which is the profession’s job security.

Demand for nurses right now is strong, and likely will get stronger over the next three to four years, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Not only are job opportunities abundant in many communities across the country, salaries for nurses are generally excellent. For example, the average RN (registered nurse) earns $50,000+, while specialist nurses average an additional $20,000 above that, according to Nursing Link.

But nursing’s not just about the money. Many nurses have the option of working flexible schedules on shifts of four hours to up to 12 hours. Flexible work time can provide the gratification of a more centered home life and extra time with their children, or others.

Develop Personal Skills

Beyond these benefits, as a nurse, you have an opportunity to interact with patients, medical staff, physicians and others on a daily basis. Spending time with patients and others enables nurses to build lasting relationships, and the interactions often help nurses learn from others, expanding their medical knowledge and interpersonal skills – tools that are valuable assets to future growth. Plus, nurses never know what they might face on a day-to-day basis. That can be exciting, challenging, never boring, and help nurses improve their decision-making skills, which can lead to career advancement – all of which can be very gratifying.

Nursing also sets people up to become stars in their own homes. A nursing education and the on-the-job experience the work provides will prepare you to handle family emergencies and care for the health of family members. That’s a definite plus – especially if you have children.

In general, nurses embody The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit, which happens to be the theme of this year’s Nurses Week observance. Week-in and week-out, nursing is an extremely rewarding career. Every day, nurses find themselves bringing smiles to peoples’ faces and helping them through what usually are tough times in their lives. It is especially rewarding to help heal and care for someone.

Begin Your Career as a Nurse

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