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Social Media and Hospitality: It's All About Sales!

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Social media and hospitality go hand in hand within this technologically advanced day and age. In hospitality, social media is soaring to a whole new level. Knowing how to utilize this resource in business is becoming a hot topic for all the big name companies. How does one attract customers using social media? A strong advertising sales department is vital for building social media outlets that work effectively. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising sales agents engage in the selling or soliciting of advertisements through various media outlets, including television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as billboards, direct mailers and social media sites. The sites that these salespeople can utilize are abundant. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Trip Advisor and numerous other networking sites help potential and long term customers aide in deciding where they may want to visit, eat or sleep. Knowing how to use these sites is crucial to social media and hospitality success. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also notes that some advertising managers have a particular specialization within a kind of advertising. One example of such a specialty is media directors, who decide how advertisements reach customers, whether through radio, television, printed materials or the Internet. These are the vital people, who can make or break social media advertising. An article on Forbes online blog highlights seven key aspects to setting up a good social media foundation, which includes an emphasis on identifying the brand of the company, the audience that it is trying to reach and the desired outcomes. These steps are complex, yet they can be quite simple to follow. One needs to have a good plan and results they want to achieve. Identifying a solid brand will build a strong foundation for employees to rely on. Place an emphasis on details, as customers value businesses that take a look at the smallest details. Being community oriented is also an important factor. Knowing how to incorporate the community into the workings of the business is very important. This is where media comes into play. People love to know that their opinions are being heard. Media allows those voices to be heard through the websites a business uses. No plan is flawless, but these steps should make it easy to build a firm foundation in social media and hospitality. Social media mastery comes with trial and error. Ask questions and hire the right mix of people for the job. With today's technological advances, social media can skyrocket businesses. Take charge, and make a name for your business. Photo Source: Flickr

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