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Online DegreesSeptember 16, 2015

Medical Billing and Coding specialists are an essential part of the health industry. What is Medical Billing and Coding, you ask? In a world where healthcare is a primary significance, Medical Billing and Coding Specialists work directly with your insurance provider. Using special coding to produce and communicate data with insurance companies, specialists are the ones who process your claim. Without them, our healthcare bills would be excruciating. They also are at your service to answer any or all billing questions.

Medical Billing and Coding as a Career 

With our healthcare industry consistently growing, Medical Billing and Coding can be a good career option. Fortis offers programs in Medical Billing and Coding and can help prepare you with an associate degree in the field. Catering to those who find an interest in billing and coding, Fortis can prepare you to become a specialist through our blended learning program. 

Hybrid Learning

Whether you have a hectic schedule or retain information accurately outside a classroom environment, hybrid learning combines online classes and on-campus classes to fit around your other time commitments. Conveniently, blended learning gives students the opportunity to interact once a week with other students in their career field, as well as instructors and career services staff who can assist them with any questions or concerns regarding coursework on campus or online and career opportunities after graduation. 

If Medical Billing and Coding is a career that interests you, our hybrid program in the field may be a good option. Learn more about enrolling at

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