Military Experience Equals College Credits

MilitaryApril 02, 2013

It’s often difficult for recently retired military veterans, who have spent their whole career in service to their country, when they need to seek a new career path. Service men and women are extensively trained in a “MOS” (Military Occupational Specialty) for fields that include engineering, information technology, and logistics, among others.  

However, as you rise through the ranks, your role likely shifted from doing the work day-to-day to being a supervisor. When you retire after years in that role, it can be difficult to seek a new career because your relevant hands-on skills may have diminished. To ease the transition from military to civilian workforce, new legislation was recently passed that will offer a path to college credits for military experience. The credits you may be able to obtain for your military training and experience will be determined by the American Council on Education. 

ACE analyzes each MOS and your associated ranks or grades to determine whether the required knowledge and skills meet the academic requirements for earned college credit.  For more information on credits for military service, you can visit the ACE Military Programs website to check how much credit you may have earned toward a college diploma or degree. 

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