What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

HealthcareFebruary 21, 2017

Medical assistants typically work in physician offices, hospitals and healthcare facilities completing administrative duties. These tasks include recording patients’ health history and personal information, entering patient information into medical records, assessing vital signs, assisting physicians with patient examinations, scheduling, injecting patients or giving medication prescribed by a physician.

Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant 

It is important for medical assistants to keep all patient information confidential, and only discuss it with medical staff who are involved in caring for the patient. They also need to be careful when recording patient information and ensure all information is accurate to avoid incorrect diagnosis.

Medical assistants can choose to specialize in administrative or clinical work. For example, an ophthalmic medical assistant helps ophthalmologists and optometrists, while a podiatric medical assistant works with podiatrists.

Becoming a Medical Assistant

In most states, there is no formal education required to become a medical assistant. However, health facilities could have a preference for someone who has completed coursework, certifications, and training in this area.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, the annual median pay in this field was $30,590 per year ($14.71 per hour). The outlook for job growth through 2024 is forecast to be 23%, which is much faster than average.

Everyone needs to visit a doctor at some point in their life, and someone needs to record their information. Thus, a career choice in this field is a good move. FORTIS College prepares students for medical assistant entry-level positions. Programs vary by state- to learn more, visit our site.

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