Top Twitter Accounts for Dental Hygiene and Dentistry

HealthcareFebruary 14, 2014

Twitter accounts related to dentistry often aim to promote a clinic or product, as well as provide patient-oriented advice on dental hygiene. But a few accounts actually focus on information useful to dental professionals. This guide to Twitter for dentists and dental hygiene professionals lists the top accounts based on followers, the quality of the tweets and the relevance for dental professionals.

1. @ADANews: The American Dental Association's Twitter account is oriented towards both patients and dental health providers. The organization tweets frequently, retweets occasionally and has over 25,700 followers. Common topics include regulations, standards and dental insurance issues.

2. @TheAACD: The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the runner-up, with over 9,100 followers.  It tweets on everything from YouTube videos of Kermit the Frog visiting the dentist, to scholarship opportunities for dental students.  

3. @The_BDJ: The British Dental Journal mostly tweets about studies it has published. This account is a good source if you want to stay informed on the latest dentistry research.

4. @3MESPEDental: Although the purpose of this account is to promote the products of 3M ESPE, the tweets are often useful and informative. Follow the account for links to recent research (not all related to 3M products), various dental blogs and articles on dental hygiene.

5. @Dentaltown: Dentaltown is an online community and magazine for dental professionals. The Twitter account links to interesting articles and discussions on Dentaltown's website. For example, a recent tweet included an X-ray picture and asked followers to weigh in on the case, which serves as a great learning experience for students.

6. @Dentaladvisor: The company Dental Advisor offers continuing education, evaluations of dental products, publications and more. On Twitter, the company mostly tweets its own content, with the occasional link to other websites; but with over 14,300 followers, it is doing something right.

7. @jablow: Most dentists tweet primarily for patients, but dentist, author and lecturer Marty Jablow tweets about topics of interest to dental professionals. If you follow @jablow, you will learn about dental software, practice and technology (in addition to what Jablow has for dinner).

8. @dental_blogger: Jennifer Eckert is a certified dental assistant and radiologist, who now is a full-time blogger. Eckert does a good job of mixing news and research with buzzy infographics and pictures, making the account both useful and entertaining for her 13,200+ followers. Keep in mind that most of her tweets are retweets, so much of the credit goes to those who created the original content.

9. @fredjoyal: Fred Joyal, one of the founders of 1800-Dentist, has a background in advertising and mostly tweets about marketing and the operation of dental practices. He also includes thought-provoking links to his blog posts on the public's attitude towards dentistry, disruptive technologies and more.

10. @kgh23twitt: Dental magazine editor Kevin Henry tweets advice on how to operate a dental practice, often linking to articles on Dental Products Report, where he works. Even though the tweets are focused on DPR coverage, they are worth your attention because the content is relevant to dental professionals.

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