Pharmacy Technician Career Opportunities Growing

HealthcareJune 03, 2016

Jobs for pharmacy technicians are projected to grow faster than the average nationwide through 2024 as the demand for prescription medications increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also suggests pharmacy techs with formal education or training and those with work experience in the field will be top candidates for meeting that demand.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technicians aren’t pharmacists and not the sole dispensers of medication; however, they are critical members of the pharmacy team. Their job may sound easy, but it requires a high degree of precision when accepting prescriptions, counting tablets, measuring and mixing medications, labeling bottles, and ensuring medications are correctly filled, along with a variety of administrative duties.


Once trained, a majority of pharmacy technicians may find themselves working in drug stores, pharmacies and hospitals, but they also can work in department stores, grocery stores and general merchandise stores. Those working in hospitals may prepare a larger variety of medications, including intravenous prescriptions, and could make hospital rounds, administering medications to patients.

Pharmacy Technician Job Growth

Overall, it’s a job rated above average for upward mobility and flexibility, according to Money/U.S. News & World Report. However, the magazine also says the job can create a degree of stress because pharmacy technicians need to perform with immense precision; may spend much of the day on their feet; and often find themselves handling ongoing customer interactions.


There are a number of different avenues job-seeking pharmacy technicians can ultimately take – including advanced certification programs for specializations, such as drug therapy, pharmacy law or medical distribution. Mike Johnson, of the National Pharmacy Technician Association, also recommends that students considering pharmacy school work first, or part-time, as pharm techs to make sure pharmacy is the right career for them before investing six years in study to become a pharmacist.


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