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Jobs a CDL Qualifies You For

General EducationJune 08, 2018

With a CDL (commercial driver’s license) you’ll be on the road to an exciting career…and potentially, several exciting careers. Yes, you could be clocking 100,000 to 110,000 miles a year as a long-haul driver but, if you don’t particularly want to drive cross-country for a career, that license also qualifies you for many non-Over-the-Road opportunities as well.

You could still drive, but do so in delivery trucks, such as UPS and FedEx, among others, transporting packages and smaller shipments within a specific region; as a specialty cargo hauler; a bus driver, transporting people to and from their destinations; a courier who delivers personal items on demand; or even as a taxi driver or chauffeur.

Additionally, a CDL qualifies you for a number of jobs that aren’t exactly “driving,” but are transportation industry-oriented. Positions such as transportation supervisors, who oversee schedules and organize deliveries or runs. Or, maybe as a trucking job recruiter, driver training instructor, or mechanic…even in cement and concrete production, where you might be mixing concrete and putting it into molds as well as driving the truck.

A CDL also could introduce you to positions in terminal management, dispatching or as a self-employed trucker. There are plenty of options that will rely on your knowledge of trucking, but may not involve actual driving…or, at least, not long-haul driving.

With a CDL, as they say – “the world is your oyster.” In other words, your options are nearly limitless.

If you see truck driving or an industry-related option as your future career path, Fortis can help you realize that aspiration. You can find Class A CDL and Advanced Tractor Trailer Driving programs at Fortis campuses in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Visit our Commercial Driving page to explore your career and training options.

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