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How to Know if Massage Therapy is the Right Career for You

General EducationMay 08, 2018

Do you think you want to become a Massage Therapist, but you’re not sure if it’s really the right career choice for you? Well, you could take Owl Guru’s one-minute quiz to see if massage therapy and you are a match.

But, before you go that route, let’s go over a few things you should know about massage therapy before making a decision to enter the career sector. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before jumping into a massage therapy program, such as: what benefits…and disadvantages…are associated with the career? What physical demands can you expect?  And, will you need to meet any continuing education requirements?

The physical demands of massage therapy may well be the most neglected aspect of the career. Are you able to knead dough for up to six or eight hours a day…and keep up that pace over the months and years of a career? Well, that’s precisely what massage therapy feels like to your hands and joints. If you don’t think you can take that…look for an alternative career choice because the burnout rate typically exceeds 50 percent.

Continued learning also has become a mandatory long-term element of massage therapy if you expect to remain licensed to practice massage. Exactly how much continuing education you need to prepare for will depend upon the state where you practice. But, expect to take from eight to 48 hours of extra education each year to continue in the field.

The biggest disadvantage to the job is not being willing to stick it out. If you quit after a few years, you will have wasted a good deal of time, not to mention money, and your education and training. But, if you know the demands going in, you’re more likely to persevere and excel in the career.

On the plus side, salaries for massage therapists have been on the rise because he service is in demand. That’s good. So is he flexibility that comes with the job. Home based and traveling massage therapists are pretty much free to take on the number of hours they want to reach a certain salary level…meaning you can design your schedule around your personal needs and wants.

Sound good? Go ahead and take the quiz to confirm you’re a good candidate. Then, check out our Massage Therapy program page to learn more about the program, your career options, and which campuses offering the program are near you. With a Fortis education and training, you’ll be able to site for the massage national certification exam, and then begin your new career. Good luck!

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