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General EducationMay 23, 2017

Many people today are riding the wave of so-called “compassionate careers.” Listen to workers talk about their career goals, and you likely will hear such comments as “Making a positive impact on my organization, or “helping solve social and/or environmental challenges.”

The 2017 issue of Parade’s “What People Earn” reported this is a particularly good time for millennials to consider working with not-for-profits, many of which evolved from the feminist, civil rights and environmental movements that capture the spirit of today’s younger generation. According to Parade, many nonprofits’ founders are retiring, opening the doors to new opportunities for younger workers.

Working for a Cause

Working for a “cause” no longer means having to take a major hit to the pocketbook. Parade reports wages at not-for-profits increased by nearly 50% during the decade from 2003 to 2013.

But, compassionate careers aren’t restricted to nonprofits. Meaningful careers are everywhere, from the clergy to working in healthcare. The magazine spotlighted audiologists to school administrators and end-of-life doulas to occupational therapists.

Audiologists help diagnose and treat hearing and balance issues, helping people preserve better health. Demand for specialists in the field is forecast to grow by at least 28% through 2024. According to a recent Payscale survey, 90% of elementary and secondary school administrators feel good about their work because it helps make the world a better place. Baby boomers often need someone to help guide them through the aging process, giving rise to a demand for end-of-life doulas. Among America’s fasting-growing jobs, occupational therapists help patients with developmental disabilities, cognitive issues, or those recovering from illness and injuries.

Meaningful Jobs in Healthcare

Healthcare jobs in general score high for gratification and meaningfulness because they involve helping others through difficult times. Nursing requires caring individuals and offers the reward of making a difference in people’s lives. So does being a dental hygienist. Seeing the smile on a patient’s face following a successful cleaning or treatment can be a reward in and of itself. Likewise, everyone from medical assistants and billers and coders, to surgical technicians and radiologists help make medical treatments simpler and less painful. All careers with meaning.

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