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With hard work and commitment, you can learn how to play an active role in the ongoing comfort and safety of others through an HVAC training program at Fortis. This stable, hands-on field involves the installation, repair and maintenance of vital heating and ventilation equipment.

HVAC Programs at FortisAcross the country, Fortis HVAC training programs prepare students for entry-level employment as an HVAC technician (sometimes known as an HVAC mechanic or HVAC installer).

What does an HVAC technician do?

For a career path that rewards hard work and dedication, look no further than HVAC. Successful HVAC technicians respond to the needs of their community by keeping buildings well-ventilated and comfortable. 

Each day as an HVAC technician provides fresh challenges and opportunities to make a difference. From fixing a broken air conditioner unit to installing a new heating system, HVAC technicians are on the front lines of comfort and safety.

"I didn’t know anything about HVAC before I came to Fortis. When I graduated, I had a bag of tools I could take anywhere."

Garry Davis, HVAC Program Graduate

Join One of Our HVAC Schools

Fortis campuses help dedicated students lay the foundation for a future career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) field. Our HVAC programs go beyond the classroom and provide practical training in the development, selection, operation and testing of ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

Fortis HVAC Schools Provide:

Hands-On Training
With both classroom and lab instruction, the Fortis HVAC program gives students practical, interactive experience to prepare them for real-world challenges.
Experienced Instructors

Fortis instructors care about your success. They are committed to providing a quality education, drawing on their own skills and expertise in the HVAC field.

Career Focused

Our hard-working students graduate with the skills and practice they need to begin their career path as a qualified HVAC technician.

Students committed to HVAC training will learn how to:

  • Use computerized diagnostics to manage and troubleshoot ventilation systems.
  • Service and repair refrigeration, gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment across residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Graduates of the HVAC program at Fortis will be prepared to take on the challenge of entry-level HVAC technician work in commercial or residential environments.